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What is Grey ..

Grey Space can take on so many meanings. For some, it’s a bland state of feeling stuck where you are. For me, it’s an exciting space between where you’re coming from and where you’re going – a state of limbo and uncertainty where you anticipate the next step – whether you know what that next step is or not. Grey space is possibility. It’s where we take every experience up until a specific point and either enhance who we’ve become or re-define who we are and where we want to go. Clothing can help us with that definition. Personal style helps us to present ourselves to the world and visually define who we are. It can help us get a head start on who we plan to be and act as the catalyst in taking on the unknowns of where we’re headed. Knowing we don’t all necessarily fit into the same mould – Grey offers pieces that will transition and follow who you are now and whoever you want to be moving on from that space. 

Grey is clothing that is easy, transitional and timeless – modern and sophisticated. Each piece is thoughtfully selected from brands that focus on quality and design, using wearable fabrics that will create movement, shapes and structure on any body type. From pieces that are minimal, to those that are dramatic and intricate with hand sewn details – Grey will keep your closet as interesting and unique as you are. 

You’re different and so is your closet.  Redefine your grey space. Because grey is chic.